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Veterans can apply to change their disability rating by filing a claim for an increase in their disability compensation with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
Here are the steps they can take:
  1. Gather Medical Evidence: The veteran should gather any medical evidence that supports their claim, including medical records and reports from their healthcare providers.
  2. File a Claim: The veteran can file a claim for an increase in their disability compensation online, by mail, or in person at a VA regional office. They should include all relevant medical evidence with their claim.
  3. VA Review: The VA will review the veteran’s claim and medical evidence to determine if their disability has worsened since the last rating decision. If the VA determines that the veteran’s disability has worsened, they may increase the veteran’s disability rating.
  4. Appeal: If the veteran disagrees with the VA’s decision, they can appeal the decision by submitting additional evidence or requesting a higher-level review or a hearing before a Veterans Law Judge.

It’s important to note that veterans can also request a review of their disability rating if they believe that it was assigned incorrectly or if their condition has improved since the last rating decision. In these cases, veterans should file a claim for a decreased rating or a claim for a total disability rating based on individual unemployability (TDIU).